Profitable Blog 5 Easy Steps To Build one

Profitable Blog: 5 Easy Steps To Build One

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Truth be told there are five steps you will need to do each time you are attempting to build a successful profitable blog:

  1. Discover a great niche.
  2. Establish the blog correctly.
  3. Post properly.
  4. Do what is essential in order to generate site visitors.
  5. Test as well as tweak continuously.

Lets see them in depth so you can Build a Profitable Blog:

1) Discover a great niche: Finding a great niche might be a total report unto itself.  The primary thing is to do effective keyword research and come up with a subject in which you have the potential to rank for the words that you are going to focus on. First if this is your very own first niche and you are thinking to make your content your self pick a subject that appeals with you. You do not require to be an specialist but you do need to have a craving to discover more about the topic.

For monetization grounds I search for the following:

1.Minimum of 3 products for my keywords
2.Ideally at minimum 8 adwords advertisers
3.Keyword phrases with at minimum 40 searches a day
4.Maximum of 50,000 contending websites for the phrase in quotes.

These are just ball park numbers however normally will maintain you from spinning your wheels where this is no money or it will be unlikely for you to generate traffic easily from the search engines.

2) Establish the blog correctly: There are 3 procedures to set up your profitable blog correctly. This is WordPress particular hosted on your domain. It is not possible to use any of the free services to accomplish this.

  1. Put the proper plug-ins
  2. Change the permalinks
  3. Choose a quality theme and activate the widgets

3) Posting GuidelinesWhen you have your niche it is because you did a lot of keyword research. This research will now come into play. You will want to start through posting for your long tail (multiple word) phrases first. Maintain each post to a single phrase and use that phrase and any of the included keywords as tags. The next item when posting will be the title tag. You have set up your blog to use the title of the post in both your url and as the title tag. A great plugin to use is SEO by Yoast to configure easily all your WordPress SEO.

4) Traffic Generation: Traffic generation is very essential component of having a profitable blog. There are a couple of effortless methods to drive visitors to your blog. None by themselves will generate huge traffic but tons of little trickles soon result to an unstoppable flood. Each of these tend to be simple and most can be completed in a few minutes each day. Getting in the practice of creating at least one of these each day will soon make the traffic you want to be thriving. Here is a brief checklist of some of the items that will certainly help your blog traffic increase:

  1. Mentioned on a relevant blog with a considerate opinion and a link back to your blog
  2. Published a video with your link to YouTube
  3. Added a podcast and submit it
  4. Bookmarked your content and others at Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit and more
  5. Commented on others pages such as MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog
  6. Posted on Twitter about your latest post
  7. Use Facebook and added your RSS feed
  8. Added your RSS feed to a Squidoo lens and Hub page
  9. Wrote an article that linked back to your blog and submitted it to various article directories and blog carnivals

5) Testing and tweaking: This is most likely one of the greatest mistakes I see people make whenever they are attempting to create a profitable blog. They don’t keep track of what is going on and as a result cannot make advancements to their blog. You will need to know the following to enhance and it is not just the number of site visitors although that is significant:

  • Where do your site visitors come from
  • What do they click on
  • How long do they remain

A GREAT and FREE tool to use with your blog to keep track of what are your blog visitors doing when they visit your website is Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics you can easily do the following:

  • Check how many visitors your site has
  • How long the average visitor stays
  • what is the amount of unique visitors that you are getting
  • Which page are they leaving from

What Now?

Keep track of which links get clicked and how people get to you will allow you to do more of what is working and stop posting what is not. This will certainly save you much more time than checking the stats will and allow you to continue to add value that works to your blog.


adminProfitable Blog: 5 Easy Steps To Build One