Breaking Google’s Algorithm

Breaking Google’s Algorithm

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Google utilizes a sophisticated algorithm in order to rank web sites and this can easily vary rapidly. Google looks for 2 factors whenever determining where they are likely to rank your website in their search results. Those two factors are “on site factors” and “off site factors”.

On site factors relates towards having your combination of keywords in your web page titles, inside your content, in your images and also in your website URL address. Essentially Google will examine the content on your website to find out exactly what your site is actually all about and depending on that they will position you. Therefore, its vital that your keywords are all over your website.

Off site factors relates towards the items that have actually absolutely nothing to do with what’s on your website however what’s on other websites. Off site factors are broken down into backlinks and social networking sites.

A backlink consist of website links from different sites that are connecting right back to your website. In very simple words Google observe this as a kind of vote, they notice that you are popular and the more websites that end up connecting back to your website means that the more popular your website is.

Bear in mind Google really loves popularity, which is why Social channels additionally carry out a substantial function in off site factors. You will need to have “shares” on social platforms, and have a persistence in publishing as well as becoming active in sites like for example Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. All of them are social signals and Google takes a look at this whenever they are positioning your site.

In simple words, Google discovers pages in its index that are both relevant and important to a search for a particular phrase or term and then lists them in descending order on a search result page.

This particular information is actually very good towards position better on Google results nevertheless with the Panda Update things changed a little bit. In the past, people were in a position to rank with the old SEO using relevancy on keywords and inbound links. Nowadays people require to take into account additional elements to rank better on Google. Which ones? Well, we also have to take into account something that is called “the user experience optimization”.

Google expects to provide his or her internet users the best experience possible and now when someone goes to your internet site Google takes into report if your content material is authentic and not a duplication, wherein you syndicate your content, if the users that goes to your website they click all around your website, if they read its content and consequently if they engage with it and share it as well as return often quickly. Google want to see too a high level of “EAT” which means a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This is why it’s so crucial that you distribute your content material and stay proactive on social networks as wells as doing videos on a relative topic to show that you are an expert on that particular field, and that you show authority so people can trust you.

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Google needs to see who they should trust and who they should avoid in order to provide the best user experience to their users.

In order to rank at the first page of Google we need to value all this information. That why we will give you here quality pro tips.

So, what happens when you bring to the world a new website with new content. A few things to consider when you do this in order to rank better. First, when you bring up new content Google will certainly position you somewhere in their results depending on the relevancy of this, for example if people engage with you and share it and also on the authority of your URL.

I know, You might be asking yourself how Google knows this things?, well in order to rank better on Google they take into account a few things besides SEO such as the click thru rate, the scroll rate, the time on page, the bounce rate, and the spelling and grammar.

Lets take a look at all of them to rank better on Google!

Click thru rate indicates that your content material, your website, all the pages within your site must have titles, meta descriptions that sell, that people will click thru them. If you are using WordPress website you can use the “Yoast Plugin” to optimize the overall of your website. If you want to download the plugin click on the link below:

Furthermore make use of star ratings to draw attention and build trust on your website. You can download the plugin “kk star ratings” at

Next use a scroll button on your site. Have a down and up button scroller on your site. Make it easier for visitors to browse on your site and additionally this will certainly help you to convert a lot more. Remember that its all about the user experience. Go to the website this great website will show you a heat map on where your visitors are clicking on your site.

Speaking about the user experience we all need to make sure that the people spend a lot of time if possible on the website. This is essential for engagement, to have people coming back again and again, to have them share your content.  People invest time before money. Make them happy. Besides great quality content, you need to make use of images, infographics and videos. People like to see this and they connect more, spend more time on the site and share more this way. For your videos you can use Youtube and embed videos on your site, this will not only bring more traffic to your site but also will position you better on the search results.

Also it’s vital to have a closer look at the bounce rate of your site and not many people look closely to this. You might be asking yourself what is the bounce rate? It’s the percentage of visitors that goes to your site and navigates away from it. Basically, rising bounce rate means that the site is boring and people leave and we really don’t want this to happen at all.

Google loves pages that load quickly. Why? Well the answer is easy here, speed is everything. If your site is slow you will get killed on the bounce rate therefore you people will leave you and you wont have a good ranking and other websites that load faster will outrank your easily.

After you have done all this make sure that you check the grammar on your site. Check all the links and everything that is on your site.

Finally in order to position at the top of the search results at Google, we need to make sure that we pay a lot of attention to social media. Engagement with the user is critical. Google loves relevancy and keep in mind they will provide on their searches the websites that are popular, that have not also high quality backlinks from authority sites but also great social media engagement coming from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and so on.

Again implement the old techniques on and off site factors alongside with the new factors that google loves such as delivering the best user experience with a site loading quickly, engagement coming in from quality content, images, infographics, videos, and social media connection to have your visitors more involved with your website. Become an expert in your field and have people trust you by being an authority. This way Google will know which site to choose and which one to avoid.

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