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Explore and Learn how small and big businesses profit from several niches in our real case studies. Once a month we will navigate into the structure of companies and events to understand in a different way the tools that we need to apply if we want to succeed.
June Case: The Champions Finale
Watch our Deegit Case trailer on how to profit from the Champions League finale between FC Bacelona and Juventus.
How to Profit from The Champions
Understanding the rules of the game always bring us better results. Understanding how the big companies, the smallest ones and the entrepreneur’s take advantage of a big event like the Champions League Finale will give you and your brand the results you always dreamed off. For our first CASE STUDY we are gladly to present to you, in two separate parts, HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Champions League Finale. (PART 1) How businesses use the enormous amount of traffic before, during and after the big event, to drive targeted traffic to their websites, blogs, e-commerce channels by using social networks and SEO strategies. (PART 2) Different ways to profit from the event. Understand the power of social network in the hand of the passion for football around the world.
Part 1: How businesses take advantage of the spotlight
There are many ways to get revenues from the football business industry and all starts by knowing this. Any football event, a simple local game or a finale of any big tournament has the potential to accumulate an immense amount of traffic in every digital portal of the web. The passion of football brakes any barrier around the world, it's an universal passion that has his own language and targeted audience. By understanding how to take advantage of this you will be able to increase the number of unique visitors to your webpage, blog or social network channel, generating this way the revenues and brand value of your company.
Part 2: How to profit from a global event on the Internet
But the benefits are not only for brands. There’s a lot of things you can do for generating profit from a big event as the Champions Finale. And we are sure you know them all but never imagine what they were capable of. The influence of social networks in our lives is increasing by every second of every day. Just to remind you, the population of earth is bigger than 1.700 thousands of millions, having yourself that same amount of opportunities to make money on the internet. The global interest in football is bigger than in other sports. Learn how to profit from the statistics, learn how to win money like the champions.
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