Case Study Part 2: How to profit during and after the Champions Finale

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As we have shown on Part 1, there are many ways to profit from an event as big as the Champions League. In this second part of our study we will look closely a few techniques to profit during and after the game between FC Barcelona and Juventus (or any other game of any upcoming tournament).

Now, you might be wondering, how can I profit from a football finale? We know it seems like a fantasy story but let us tell you this, the only truth about this is that at the end of the story you will have a happy ending by actually profiting from the Champions League finale and other important games.

There are different variables to take into account. Start by understanding the game, their audience and what market do you think would benefit more from the huge amount of web traffic that a big event like this generate. Continue by building a well crafted GAME PLAN on what your moves are going to be in the most common and profitable tools to use in a business opportunity like this: Facebook, Youtube, e-commerce websites and blogs. Lets see each one of them in detail.


  • Technique #1: Highlights Video of the game (With content from the WEB)

Make a two minute video resume with the goals and best moments of the game. People will immediately search the web to watch the goals and best moments of the game over and over again. Search for images, videos on Google and Youtube, edit them and build a professional and good quality video of the game. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: With this technique you need to be careful about copyrights of the material you use for the video. Youtube will block your video if they find out your using other channel content. This is why we recommend to use your own material to avoid problems with Youtube and to be 100% original. The result of your video can be like this:


  • Technique #2: Highlights Video of the game (With original content)

If you want to avoid copyrights problems this is the technique we recommend for you. Record the live streaming game and edit yourself the videos to being upload after. To do this make a short research to find a website that showcases the game within your country.  A website that has been for years streaming all kind of games is Here you can view any game from any sport that is streaming live in that moment. Just click on the game you desire to watch and click on any of the options that you have in order to watch it.

roja directa website dos

Now that you are watching the game on your browser you can record it. Just relax and enjoy the game while you record it on your computer. Make sure to have memory space so the video can be storage without problems. We recommend to use an external memory card for this. Then you have to know editing basics in Camtasia or Adobe Premiere to edit the video as you want it.  Remember that if you want to upload a video to YouTube the recommended format is 1280 x 720pix.

camtasia uno

Here we can see an example of a person that edited the video and upload it to YouTube.

As you can see the Video was well optimized and so far has over 200K views, 200 likes and 38 comments.

youtube ejemplo

To optimize your video to rank better in the results and have more views, you need to place a Title, Description and Tags with your main keyword. Besides this, you can also make use of annotations to drive the traffic to another video or to a website that you might be selling an affiliate product related to the game or more. To get all the Tips and Tricks to rank better your videos we recommend you to see the YouTube Section of the Ultimate Traffic Guide. In the course you will also learn how to make your own videos without an editing software and make money in YouTube.

Creating videos is a great way to make profit from a game of the magnitude of the Champions League Final. In the example that we show you we can see that the video got a lot of views. To see that this technique actually works you can check this user incomes in Social Blade, a website where you can see how much money our competitors are making and get a better sense to plan well the YouTube Game Plan. The user that uploaded the Barcelona vs Juventus video has 44 videos so far and is making yearly around $404 to $6.4K.

social blade ejemplo


Facebook is another platform that can help us profit from a big event like the Champions League. With Facebook we can do a few things.

  • Building a Fan Page related to the game, the tournament or the sport itself and use it as a landing page to gather a big portion of the audience that you want to get the attention. Make good content, post, articles, use it to promote your Youtube videos and if you have a website, blog or e-commerce page with services or products related to the niche use it to promote them and by this profit more before, during and after the game.
  • Join Facebook Groups and become part of them by posting and participating of the conversations that people create there. This can help you to sell your products or just to drive more traffic to your webpage, blog and other social media channels.
  • Make use of Facebook Ad Campaigns in order to reach a targeted audience and promote in this way your fan page, event, video, image or website. With this tool you need to make a monetary investment but if you don’t want to spend money we recommend you to build a Fan Page and join Facebook Groups.

fan pages messimessi grupos

If you are in several Facebook Groups, make a post where you generate comments from the users. This will make the post more viral and people will like it and share it more.
You can post either an image or a video to drive traffic to your way.

ejemplo producto facebook groupsgrupos video


Last but not least, we can also make profit with our website by driving traffic to it. What’s the key in having the result you’re expecting? to concentrate the bigger part of you market investigation on getting the correct KEYWORDS to put your webpage or blog on the first pages of Google Search results (this is one of the things you have to do, to know what else you have to do to properly optimize your website go to this link

Here, the idea is to drive traffic to the website with an article related to the event and showcasing ads or products on the sidebar of the website/blog. Remember, do a great job on SEO in your website, optimize the entire site, post images and videos if possible to engage more with the visitor. Once you have optimize your post, you need to post it in your relative social media accounts, related facebook groups and use as many Marketing Channels as possible to propagate your article. Post it on forums, make comments on sport magazines such as or, participate in anwers sites such as, do a blog pinging and if possible make a video out of it. We analyze this tools an even more on the Website Section of the Ultimate Traffic Guide, where we have sixteen top notch lectures that will bring you targeted traffic to your website by using Email Marketing, Article Marketing, Blog Carnivals, Podcasts, Video Articles, Document Traffic, Tutorials, Forums, Guest Posting, Blog Comments, Answer Sites, Video Marketing, Blog Pinging, Ezine Joint Ventures, Ad Swaps and Press Releases.

Here are examples on how website/blogs make profit from the related products or ads placed on the sidebars of their pages.

ejemplo website dos
ejemplo website tresRemember that before you implement this techniques is better to craft a Game Plan before we start taking action. Analyze your competition, keywords and see which technique is more profitable for you. Any questions related on how to implement this techniques or to get a coupon from the course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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adminCase Study Part 2: How to profit during and after the Champions Finale