Domain Pro Tip: How to get a Domain for a really cheap price

Domain Pro Tip: How to get a Domain for a really cheap price

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From time to time there are different price specials when we are trying to purchase a domain. But we usually encounter the same issues, the coupon is over or its sold out. But those times are over. We will learn a domain pro tip that will save you time and money. Don’t spend again over $10 dollars buying domains while you can get it for less than $3. But before we dig into how to purchase a domain from a really low price, let’s first understand them.

When we are talking about domains we need to start from the beginning. What is a domain in the first place? A domain is quite simply a human-friendly address. The Internet is built on Internet Protocols (IP) addresses, which are strings of numbers that host a website. For example is the IP address for Google.

The human brain finds it easier to memorize words than a string of random numbers. So, domain names were used to solve the problem. Instead of typing in, you would simply type A domain is made up of anywhere from 1 to 64 characters, numbers and hyphens followed by the domain extension which can be a .com .edu .net .info and so on.

google website

Top Level Domains are the domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info to name but a few. All Top level domains are not created equally. The most popular extension by a long way is .com – with around 114,000,000 .com domain names registered to date and is the one that I will highly recommend you to use for your website.

If you cannot buy a “.com domain” ill suggest you to get a “.net domain” but don’t buy another extension that is not part of those two.

Buy a domain for a really cheap price

Now, we know that we need a .com domain but the big question is how can we get it for a really cheap price and avoid paying $10 dollars or more. How can we do this?

In order to do this we need the JoinHoney Extension for Google Chrome.  First go to

joinhoney domain really cheap

Then Go to, pick your domain and go to the checkout page like you would normally do. As you can see in the picture below, we just selected a random website and the price is $9.99, but we want to pay less than that.

go daddy deegit media

After you have selected your website, head over to the checkout page. If you installed the joinhoney google chrome extension correctly, you should see that orange button at the top right hand side that says “find savings”, click it and the magic will start.  Wait until it test all the coupon codes and gives you the best one.  Here you can select from different available coupons. Copy the code of the one that you want to use.

buy a domain for less than $5

Once you have copied the selected coupon code from the joinhoney selection, go to the bottom of the checkout page and apply the selected coupon.

buy cheap domains in godaddy

Buy it and its done!
Now as you can see in the picture below, i can buy the same exact domain for only $2.18 and having total savings for $12.99!

$2 domain from godaddy

Again take advantage of the savings coupon trick  in order to save money when we are buying a domain especially if you are going to purchase more than one.



adminDomain Pro Tip: How to get a Domain for a really cheap price