Syndication Marketing: Where to distribute all your Website Content

Syndication Marketing: Where to distribute all your Website Content

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Once we have a website and content the next big step to take is to properly syndicate your content. But why is this so important? Let’s take a look at why nowadays Syndication Marketing plays a huge role when Google selects which Sites to show on their search results.

Google focuses on delivering to their users the best experience possible. That’s why Google implemented the term “EAT” (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) which basically means that they will pick the sites that shown that you are an expert and authority and they can trust you on a particular topic. This is when syndication marketing comes to play a crucial role in the term “EAT”. Every time you have new content on your site you need to syndicate it in order to promote it around the internet and show your credibility and trustworthiness. You need to be able to demonstrate people that you are a person to follow in the content that you want to spread around the net.

But how can we achieve this? There are several things that you must take into account when you want to syndicate your content. First, set up a game plan. Take action and work around a flexible schedule that will allow you to propagate your content thru the internet.

Syndication Marketing: Game Plan

The first thing that you must do is to take advantage of email marketing. Send a newsletter to the people that subscribe to your site, let them know about your new content whether it’s an article or a story that you want to share.

To get more traffic to your website by using your content, you can make use of article marketing and submit your content to ezines such as  Here you can add a backlink to your website in your article in order to drive more traffic to your site.

You can also participate in Blog Carnivals. A blog carnival works like this: I submit my article to be part of the blog carnival, the host publishes it to their blog, and links back to my site too. Take advantage of Blog Carnivals at sites like and Not only these are good to get instant targeted traffic but also improve your search rankings by providing valuable backlinks.

Make use of your content by answering questions on answer sites like Yahoo Answers. Here you can answer the questions related to your content and leave a link back to your website as a source. Here you will build yourself as an expert by responding to questions that customers may have.

If you want to reach the masses nothing better than converting your articles into videos. You can do this by creating a power point presentation and recording it with video software such as Camtasia. Once you have your video you can upload them to YouTube to get more traffic from your content.  If you are busy and you don’t have time to do all this you can also use the website and within a few minutes you can have a video with a voiceover with just a few clicks.

article video robot

After that if you have several articles you can make a compilation and create a PDF document out of that and share it in document traffic site such as, and The document sharing sites get massive traffic and enjoy very high Page Ranks which means that we will not only going to take high quality backlinks but also tons of traffic to our website.

slideshare deegit media

Then if you want to reach people that is busy at their jobs and don’t have time to read your article you can convert them into podcasts. Podcasts are great because you can develop a one to one relationship with your customer, they can hear your message which means that you build credibility as an expert by giving tips and advice. Great websites that you can submit your podcast are ,,,, and

podcasts itunes deegirt media

Lets know take into account that from your content you are giving great tips on a particular topic, then you can make a tutorial and share it on tutorial sites. Tutorials are great because you can provide an actual solution to the problems that people are desperate to get information from and they cannot find very easily on the web. Here you can reach a different type of audience and get more traffic than you think. Great websites that you can submit your tutorials are and

And syndication marketing doesn’t stop there. You want to engage more with your people and find new customers. What a better way to this than using Forum Marketing. Here you can show your expertise and build a credible reputation among users. You can provide valuable information and contribute to the community. By doing this, you will attract readers within the forum that will search more about what you need to offer.

Do a Google search and find forums related to your niche. Two great forums that online marketers use all the time are and

Another techniques to spread your content in syndication marketing are to do Guest Posting and Comment on Blogs. By doing this you will attract new readers to your site owing to the fact that you will be posting and commenting on related blogs and websites and building an interesting profile.

Every time you have new content make sure to ping it. When you ping your blog you are telling search engines and blog directories that you have new content available. These parties in turn send their spiders to crawl your website and index its content right away. Which means that your blog is going to appear in search engine results quicker than you think and it will also a lot of traffic.

Take 5 minutes and do a manual ping by going to,,,,, and also .

And also make use of Press Releases! This is something that not all the people use in syndication marketing. Why is it important to write a press release? Well, because it is a great way to increase traffic to both your website and your social media sites. It builds credibility for your business and also gives you a quality backlink from authority sites that help you in the search engine ranking position. Some websites that you can submit your Press Release are:, and

Again is really important that alongside your social media efforts to propagate your content you also do syndication marketing of your content. This way Google will see you with different eyes, select your content first, you will rank at the top search results and therefore you will get tons and tons of traffic to your site. 

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