Website Content and Optimization: Game Plan

Website Content and Optimization: Game Plan

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We always want to learn the best examples of what type of content should we put in our website and how to optimize it to rank better in the search results. But, how can we achieve this?

We will give you some ninja tips in order to have a well optimize strong content to rank at the top of Google Search Results. First, we need to talk about the overall of your website and the SEO foundation that we require in order to completely optimize our site.

The very first thing that we must take into account is our URL. We want to have in our URL domain our target keyword. Once we have this, in order to rank better is best to place your main keyword phrase in the title tag 2 times. See the example above:

foto 1

We encourage you to do this in every page of your website. For example if you have an additional page about specific magic cards, you should change this appropriately. This a really important step that you must follow owing to the fact that the “title tag” is one of the most important lines in an entire site, so make sure you take advantage of it.

After you have completed that step, the next thing that you have to do is to have “Your main keyword phrase”  in your meta description 2 times. See the example above:

foto 2

Later on, the next step to follow is to have “Your main keyword” in the meta keyword description. See the example above:

foto 3

Shortly after you have done this its vital that “Your main keyword phrase” appears in the in H1, H2 and H3 Tags. The <H1> tag is the most important one so place your main keyword there. Then also place your main keyword near the beginning of the first sentence of each paragraph and also in the last sentence of each paragraph. You have to make sure that the overall density of your keyword is at least 3%. This means that your main keyword should appear at least 3% in the pages.

foto 4

Subsequently make sure that “Your main keyword” links to an internal page and also to an authority site. For example, if you have a blog make sure to interlink articles so the reader continues to scroll more on your site. This way you will engaged more with your viewers thus more content will be viewed which is what Google wants in a site.

Make it easier for people and use internal links so you can guide the viewer through the overall content of your site. Once you have place the internal links we need to have external links or backlinks. Make sure your main keyword is place on Web 2.0 authority sites to start with and let Google know that your content is popular. By doing this, you will gain more traffic from outside websites with high PR(page rank) such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Next make sure you assign a “no follow” to the pages of your website that you may have such as privacy policy and terms and conditions so the spiders don’t crawl over those pages. This is crucial due to the fact that you don’t desire to cause harm to your ranking for pages that you are not going to rank for.

After that we need to optimize every image that we have on our site. Make sure that for each image you have on your website, you add them in your “alt tag” with your main keyword in it.

Take a look at the following example to see how it should look like:

<img alt=”magic cards” src=”” />

Now that we have enhance our site, we need to talk a lot about a huge factor which is going to determine your rankings and that one is “the content” of your site. Your content is the framework so make sure that you write something that will benefit the end user. Remember that its all about the User Experience and this is how Google will rank you too. Try and write for humans and not search rankings. This may seem counter intuitive but when you write in this fashion your message will be more organic and as a result you will position better in the search results.

Now that we know that content is important we need to do the following to fully optimize it.

You must have a 1000 to 1500 words articles in your content (mainly home page of your site) which is focused to deliver the best solution to the problem that the user may have. This content should target your main keyword and should have a detail description related to the title of the article that not only describes everything in a correct manner with great grammar but also that puts you as an authority when you are trying to help the user.

Google expects to provide their internet users the best experience possible and now when someone goes to your internet site Google takes into report if your content material is authentic and not a duplication. Google want to see too a high level of “EAT” which means a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

Spend time writing this because it will help you to rank better. This content should also have a video embedded to it coming from YouTube, this will not only boost traffic but also the user will spend more time on the site which is what google wants. You want to have a lot of articles in your websites but don’t add them really fast. Take your time and add them on a daily basis.

Again remember to take your time with your content! Optimize everything!. If you have wordpress website you can do this with the plugin “Yoast”. Its all about the user experience and the more you engage with the user through your content the better you will rank in the search results. Make sure that you share your content all over the social platforms and that people share them thru your site. Place social media buttons in the beginning or end of your content so the people that read them can easily share it hence you will have more traffic.

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